Why do you get attacked by witchcraft?


πŸ’£β›“ – Witchcraft is real. Dont live in ignorance. The devil’s first common lie is ‘im not here’

β˜ πŸƒ – According to the Kenyan Law, witchcraft has been banned.

πŸ’£β›“ – Witchcraft can also operate through initiations or broken hedges. Ecclesiastes 10:8-11.
If you break the hedge, the serpent shall bite. If you dig a pit for someone else, you shall fall into it. So dont dig pits for others.

β˜ πŸƒ – Some people would enter into idol worship, occults, cults, operating with familiar spirits (star gazers, astrologers), get saved, but not break these covenants.

πŸ’£β›“ – Initiation may include body cuts, making a blood covenant, using hair, nails, tongues to be cut, drinking or showering with concoctions, soil covenants or irizis to put in your business….to make sacrifices of humans, animals, birds etc.

β˜ πŸƒ – In black witchcraft, a witch can take soil or dust then initiate it to hinder success or progress in that place. If you have a business, work….it is important to sanctify that place and remove every initiation. The Lord Jesus will deliver.

πŸ’£β›“ – In black witchcraft, objects are also used. Demons work through these objects.

β˜ πŸƒ – Black witchcraft thrives through past covenants. Be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. You could have bought an item in the house that is a platform for demonic connection.

πŸ’£β›“ – Black witchcraft also operates through ‘holy water’. There is nothing like ‘holy water’. We need to stop merchandizing and abusing the anointing.

β˜ πŸƒ – If such things as ‘holy water’ and special ‘oil’ dont work….one goes back to the witch doctor who now has them hooked and thrive in fear. They now threaten you and say “If you dare leave or change and go on to another one, your things will not go well”. You begin to owe them money, there is always something you owe. So you become a slave week after week.

πŸ™οΏ½πŸ™οΏ½ – “You are not going back to those witchdoctors in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Be delivered from their slavery, and be set free soul body mind and spirit in Jesus’ Name.

πŸ’£β›“ – Human spirits, ancestral spirits, household idols & covenants, general curses, familiar spirits and satanic marriage covenants are still under black witchcraft.

β˜ πŸƒ – Religious curses can be classified under black witchcraft. These can be through people who curse you in the name of the Lord, especially those that operate in familiar spirits, when you leave their cults.

πŸ’£β›“ – Seeing human skeletons in a dream shows presence of black witchcraft. Or seeing demonic beings looking like human skeletons.
πŸ™οΏ½πŸ™οΏ½ – Demons of the dead coming from the grave, i cast you out of my life in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

β˜ πŸƒ – Attacks from Jannes and Jambres (capricons) also shows the presence of black witchcraft. They are short. They are dwarfs. They surround you, you cant make progress. It means you are under influence of a lot of witchcraft. You have a big battle to fight. But victory is a must in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Obey God’s instructions. Black witchcraft can hinder you from moving forward. But today those capricons must be destroyed in Jesus’ Name. 2 Tim 3:7-9

πŸ’£β›“ – The devil can come through a certain item to find a way into your life. Anything dedicated to idol worship should not be found in your house. Nothing cursed shall be found in your home. Demonic attacks, demonic dreams even in a fast, can come because of an object eg a leso.

πŸ™οΏ½πŸ™οΏ½ – Deuteronomy 7: how to break altars.
May the Lord Jesus Christ open the eyes of your heart so you may begin to discern. Images of snakes, frogs, shells (have sea waves that never end….there is a connection through the earth and the sea through the shells. A snail is slow, spirit of infirmity, diseases, pain.

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