Yom Kippur

What is Yom Kippur?

It is the Jewish day of communal and personal atonement for sins committed during the past year.


40 Day fasting .. starts from 9th Sept 2017 ….

  1. Please do deep repentance with fasting as we are in the end times
  2. The Yom Kippur fast enables one to fast , for at least one day each year,ignoring the physical desires, focusing instead on our spiritual needs.
  3. Throughout the day, one has to concentrate on prayer, repentance, and self-improvement before returning to the usual daily routine after the holiday.


Wearing White

Traditionally, many Jews wear white on Yom Kippur. Because white is a symbol of purity and Yom Kippur is a day when we undertake a spiritual cleansing, it is an appropriate color for the occasion.  Others interpret white as representative of the white shroud in which Jews are buried, symbolizing our mortality and reminding us of the need for humility and repentance.


Yom Kippur ends with a single, long blast of the shofar. The stirring sound of the shofar at the conclusion of the holiday has many different explanations. One is that the practice recalls the giving of the Torah at Sinai (when the shofar also was blown). Another is that the shofar signals the triumph of Israel over its sins for another year and heralds the possible coming of the messianic age.


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