Why effeminate men and woman find it difficult to get married and remain married?

A lot of people do not believe that it is sinful (and hence demonic) to act after the manner of the opposite sex so long as one does not engage in homosexual sex. The reason for this is something that I hammer frequently: Christians often look at sin and other issues according to how man regards them according to whatever “culture” or “values” that the world has instead of letting how God judges things according to the Bible be the only standard. If we can get worldly notions OUT of our heads and God’s Spirit INTO our hearts, we will see that what truly matters is not so much the ACT of homosexual sex (or any other transgression) but rather the nature, desire, or will to sin. Whereas the former may open the door to demonic oppression, that door closes as soon as the Christian renounces the behavior and repents. It is the LATTER, however, that results in Christians living in demonic spiritual bondage. No, Christians cannot be “possessed”, or indwelled, by demons, but they can be so heavily influenced by them to the point where they lose so much control over their own behavior that it is difficult to tell the difference. Or while they may be able to resist the lure and influence of the evil spirits, doing so exacts a heavy toll in terms of stress, concentration, and effort that distracts and hinders the Christian from being as effective as he ought to be in serving the Lord, and keeps him from experiencing the joy of the Lord which is his strength. Bottom line: Christians should pay less attention to what people DO and more attention to what they ARE. A person’s attitude towards sin is of much greater consequence in terms of their relationship and standing with God and their ultimate fate in judgment than is their actual sinful acts. Trying to control the latter is legalism and works, minding the former is not rejecting God’s Commandments. And know, I am not talking about “I know it’s wrong, but I am going to do it anyway.” I am talking about being genuinely repentant and having a sincere desire not to transgress in that or any other manner ever again. And again, note that such desire is not to be mistaken for fear or self – condemnation, but rather is a HOPE that God Himself will grant that desire to you spiritually THROUGH FAITH ALONE, and by no works, actions, or righteousness on your part other than resisting the enemy so that the demon tempters and tormenters will lose any legal claim over you and have no choice but to flee from you, and from the guardian angels that God has assigned all who love Him by keeping His Commandments and holding onto the gospel, the testimony, and His Word.

If we were making a bigger deal out of what the Bible says, we would pay attention to what I Corinthians 6:9 says about “those who make women of themselves.” (This would also, incidentally, make a woman who emulates a man’s masculinity a sin too.) Why? Consider the “homosexual”, or more accurately the person who commits homosexual acts. How often does that person actually engage in such conduct? Even if it is twice a day, then it is twice a day, and moreover the person commits the homosexual act (or the thief act, the murder act, or any number of other sins that “cultural Christians” regard as serious) as part of a conscious decision. Meanwhile, the man who is effeminate or the woman who is masculine commits this sin on a continual basis, and does so without even thinking about it as part of his or her habit and nature! And this is the same of people who are bound by lying, gossiping, dishonesty, and a bunch of other things that “cultural Christians” regard as mere character flaws or personality problems rather than sins. And it is PRECISELY why so many Christians desperately avoid and shun those who participate in the sins that the culture hates, but frequently indulge in and accommodate those that the culture tolerates. I have heard Christians say “it’s just a little gossip” or “it’s just a little white lie.” Never “it’s just a little carjacking” or “it’s just a little assault/armed robbery” or “it’s just a little gay sex.” We have to stop allowing the worldly culture to dictate acceptable behavior to us, folks. This is not to say that we should tolerate murder as much as we do gossiping now, and this is not even necessarily arguing for Christians to petition the state to change the laws. Rather, it describes the stand that we should take against sinful behavior to our fellowservants in Christ, and our willingness to offer support, prayer, counseling, forgiveness, spiritual deliverance, and love in humility to such people. If anything, we should preach against the “character defects” and counsel and correct one another concerning those – because these are the things that people commit much more often without even being conscious of it – than we should anything else.

So why is it a sin for one sex to emulate another? First off, is not the mere fact that the Bible explicitly calls it such in I Corinthians 6:9 enough? Christians should stop inventing sins that the Bible makes no mention of and even things that the Bible specifically says to do, and instead make every effort to know, trust, and obey the Bible. Second, it is given in a couple of places in Leviticus (here and here) that whenever one does something unnatural and thereby perverts the God – intended role or use for something, it is sinful. It is rebellion against God, and the person who does so can take on (or be given over to) a lifestyle or mindset of rebellion against God. This is what is spoken of in the very powerful passage of Romans 1:20-32, where Paul speaks of the wickedness of doing that which is against nature. Of course, if a person decides to go after God’s plan and his natural nature in one area, he will do so in many others. And as for society, tolerating people who leave their God – intended nature will quite frankly result in a culture that is totally rebellious against God in almost every conceivable way.

In its most simple, reduced form, consider the truism that God created Adam, gave Adam authority over the earth, and then created Eve, and made Eve his co – equal helpmeet. It was not a position of disgrace or servitude (though it regrettably became one in many cultures), but merely a position of authority and subjection to authority, just as the Son Yeshua HaMashiach willingly subjects Himself to Father YHVH, and the Holy Spirit willingly subjects Himself to both. God is one of order, and He has a reason for ordaining things as they should go. For a man to take on the nature of a woman, he is rejecting the role of authority that God gave him to instead emulate submission. And when a woman takes on the nature of a man, she rejects the role of the gracious willing ministry of service to take on authority that she was never intended to have. And we see the resulting chaos in families, communities, nations, and (yes) in the church.

That is right. You can go to virtually any church in America today and see an epidemic of men and women who have switched roles. It is so commonly seen and accepted that a large percentage of your males in the choir, who play musical instruments, and who preach from the pulpit are going to have effeminate mannerisms that no one speaks of it anymore: it has even become a joke. The same is true with the stereotype of the domineering controlling church woman, or the church woman who simply wants to dress and act like a guy and do what the guys do (again this is common among musicians and is becoming increasingly common among women who choose to preach). It is a spirit that got into the church, and the church did not rise up against it because so long as you weren’t actually committing homosexual acts, then you were supposedly fine. It took root, because a cause of confusion (not the only one but definitely one) as evil spirits always do, and because no one was resisting or spiritually battling against “the little things” because they were focusing on what their culture told them was “the big things” and in the course of that they lost sight of the fact that all sins are equal in the eyes of God regardless of whether humans regard that sin as having “a victim” or “having hurt society” or “being an embarrassment”, etc. Quite the contrary, churches, often lacking enough men (and especially men who desire to stand in positions of authority) have found masculine women quite useful, especially when it comes to “handling the (secular) business.” And effeminate church men? Not nearly as threatening or intimidating. Much less likely to cause offense. So nice and reliable. In fact, a great many of us find them entertaining! Church congregations LOVE how those guys sing, direct the choir, and dance oh so flamboyantly! And in the pulpit? The theatrics, playacting, and vernacular HAS THE CROWD ROARING WITH LAUGHTER!

But you know what, folks? Churches are not for convenience. They are not so you can come and feel at ease and comfortable. They are not so that we can be entertained. But that is what so many people want out of their church experience. Why? Because they don’t WANT authority. They don’t WANT anyone telling them what to do. They are RUNNING from God’s plan. They are RUNNING from God’s authority. They want to worship God how they please in the church and then go live however they choose to outside of the church, and churches where the business is tended to by women who act like men and the entertainment is brought by men who act like women allows them to do that. Why? Because of the respect factor. Women in spiritual authority do not command as much respect as men do (from men, women, or children), and of course no one is going to respect a man who acts like a fairy at all! You want to go to a church where no one respects the church leadership because the church leadership represents God’s authority, and you do not want to submit to or respect the authority of God in your own life. THAT is why no one has risen against men and women warring against their own natural roles right in our very churches.

You might ask how these spirits enter. Like so many other things, they really do start in the home, where children are harmed by absentee or abusive parents. If the father isn’t there, the girl child will try to take on the role of a man to try to help her mother and her siblings, and the boy child will take on the role of a woman, because he is so angry and hurt by the actions of his father that he hates his own masculinity. He sees the mother who stayed as virtue, and the father who hurt him by leaving as vice. Naturally he is not going to want to take on vice, so he emulates “the good parent” who is always there for him and never abandons him. And if the mother is not present or is unsuitable, then the nurturing and emotional stability that a mother provides is gone. The result is not so much that a girl will reject her femininity, but children of both sexes will grow up with real insecurities that will cause them to seek comfort and refuge. The girls will try to cover up their fears by “acting tough” so that no one will threaten them, the boys will try to accomplish the same goal by “acting soft” so they will BE less threatening. And this cycle perpetuates itself. The women and men who are injured in this manner who do not ultimately become homosexual or bisexual (and to think that we tell our kids not to act this way merely because it might lead to them becoming homosexual, and not because it is a sin in and of itself) often marry members of the opposite sex with the roles switched; the woman acting as the man and the man acting as the woman or as a child. This leads to all sorts of turmoil in the home even if they do not divorce (which they often do) which breeds even more spiritual problems and demonic influence over children along generations. This also happens when you have an effeminate man marrying a woman who desires to be feminine and wants her husband to be the leader that God wants him to be and that she and her children so desperately need but will not, and when a masculine woman marries a masculine man, and she will not submit to him and become the wife that God wants her to be and that he and her children desperately needs, but instead she is always neglecting her female duties to contend with him over authority in the family. This has now become almost an accepted norm in our society, and as a matter of fact many people actually look down on a home where the man, woman, and children act in a manner that is in keeping with the Bible and their natural uses and roles. People look at that and claim that the woman is being oppressed, the children abused, and that even the man is abused because he is not allowed to get in touch with his metrosexualhomosexual feminine side that all men are alleged to have, which of course is a lie. Those tendencies are not present in all men, but rather only in men who have through their sin and rebellion against God have either left or are in the process of leaving their natural affections and being turned over to a reprobate mind. Since this is an epidemic in our current culture, we wonder why so many of our kids are acting the way they do.

And of course, this is reinforced in the media. You do realize that the media will not portray truly masculine men or feminine women filling their natural roles because it offends homosexuals. Now I do not recommend this vulgar piece of trash, but the very reason why the movie “300” is because it dares to portray masculine heterosexual men as honorable rather than as sociopaths, and it dared to portray women as appreciating the masculinity of their husbands! If you doubt me, see this link, which instead promotes the movie “Blades Of Glory” depicting pair of male figure skaters as the ideal for a heterosexual manhood! And this is not to say that women are faring any better. I oppose the very notion of the “sex symbol” because it promotes lust and glorifies and empowers fantasy lust and other forms of sexual immorality, and you had better believe that one of the reasons why we are fast approaching a state as it was in the days of Noah that will be achieved before Jesus Christ returned as He prophesied it would in the gospels is because so many men, women, boys, and girls carry pornographic images in their head on a continual basis. But now, they have added abomination upon abomination, for at least in the past the female images that drove men to all manners of lust, sexual immorality, adultery, fornication, homosexuality, pornography, masturbation, and rape were those of adult women that men with normal affections would find attractive. BUT NO MORE! Now the media promotes to men and boys (and to women and girls who naturally desire to be seen as attractive by men and boys) an image that opposes womanhood! Instead, they are causing grown men to lust after teen and even preteen girls in the media, and even the grown women that they make “sex symbols” out of look like either preteen girls or little boys! If you think that a Marilyn Monroe, a Diana Ross, or a Charo would be hired as an actress, singer, or model in Hollywood today, think again, because the last thing that they want to do is develop anything approaching a normal mindset in our culture concerning human sexuality. Quite the opposite. They want the men to desire the image of a woman that looks like like either a little girl or a little boy so that he will be homosexual or a child molester, and they want the women to desire to look like little girls or little boys lest they aspire to grow up to look and act like anyone that any man with even a natural affection, let alone a desire to obey God, would want to marry and have a family with. In order to destroy the natural affection by destroying the family, Hollywood promotes men who look and act like boys and fairies (the homosexual actor Rock Hudson who died of AIDS was more masculine than practically any actor in Hollywood today) and women who look and act like little girls (see America’s #1 female sex symbol Britney Spears, who has been married twice, has two kids, is well into her twenties, and yet not only still does not look to be a day older than 15, but she actually acts even younger, nothing like any man in his right mind would want for a wife or to be anywhere near his children) or like little boys (Hollywood attempted to make a sex symbol out of Hilary Swank, who has won Oscars for playing a female boxer and a girl who passed herself off as a teenage boy, but our society is not quite that depraved at this point in time).

The modern culture hates seeing men and women acting according to natural roles and affection. They even have a name for it. They claim that portraying men and women in their natural roles as being desirable in any way whatsoever is discrimination. They even have a name for it. It is called heterosexism. I call it conferring a noble virtuous status upon demons of homosexuality, perversion, unnatural affection, etc. and the people who have willingly given themselves over to their wickedness. In other words, I call it SIN, and I call it SIN because the Bible calls it SIN, and the Bible calls it SIN because the Holy Spirit that inspired the Bible calls it SIN, and the Holy Spirit calls it SIN because the Ruach Hakadosh is subject unto Father YHVH who calls it SIN, and what Father YHVH calls sin is SIN, and furthermore it is going to be forever destroyed in the lake of fire on judgment day, and all who love and refuse to come out of this SIN with it! Everything that opposes naturality, which opposes the way that God made and planned, is abomination, and it is high time that Christians stop pretending otherwise.

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