Is your Marriage a Problem ? Are you Finding it difficult to get married


A sexual altar is any sexual activity done outside Gods covenant of marriage with man and woman, man and man, woman and woman, human being and  animal and with an inanimate object and woman.

The Bible tells us that sexual desire is not evil but must be satisfied in the proper place and time .Sexual desire is not the root of all evil. Sex in marriage is a symbol of mutual and self-donation giving up of yourself in a total and exclusive manner. To one another up to the end of your lives.

Satan often tries to convince people that is God is unfairly withholding sex from them and restricting sex to marriage is unfair and impractical. .He deceives them that they will be little or no consequences of having sex outside marriage.

Sex has a very strong drive consequently readily to abuse .It has a severe hold over many with a powerful grip squeezing the life after them  even after salvation strong temptation and urges continue .God does not condemn you He is willing to grant full pardon freely to any one trapped in sexual sin. Submission to Him is crucial and honesty and accountability to a pastor mature Christian and a counselor.
Sexual organs are a powerful gates into the spirit realm .During  sex fluids are included semen, sperm and vaginal fluid .Where they is fluid they is  spiritual life and energy  present . The male sperm is the carrier and transmitter of the soul of life. In the same way the soul of life which God directly breathed into Adam was transferred to Eve she did not receive life apart from Him. When a man enters a woman   he deposits in her spiritual realm his spiritual energy life positive or negative. The man comes into contact with her spiritual domain whether good or evil .For example her blessing curses and spiritual husband. That is why during fasting we are urged to abstain from sex it gives away your spiritual energy and life.

If you have sexual relations with a prostitute you become one flesh with her (soul kind of flesh). It is like a rope between two persons that demons use to tie and use to their advantage to cross from one persons to another .If a person has demons tormenting them then you sleep with them .The demons tormenting that person has rights to torment you .However this does not apply to a marriage bed that that is pure and undefiled a negative soul tie cannot be created (1 Cor 6;16) That is why a mistress can manage a man for her own benefit causing  him to treat his legal  wife married in church in a cruel barbaric manner. Because the negative sexual soul tie is stronger than the positive sexual soul tie with his wife and vice versa.


It is common to find saints who have experienced Gods greatest gift of grace and mercy committing adultery, fornication, practice uncontrollable masturbation and have uncontainable urges .Even king David a man after Gods own heart was a victim. Let us open our eyes they are wounded soldiers in church seats lets us not condemn them anymore or shoot them. Let us offer them hope and restoration.

In beginning God created man and woman to be in a permanent monogamous union, in which the husband and wife became one indivisible body. God only allowed divorce because of the hardness of heart we are stubborn and inflexible once displeased they is no reconciling. Every wise woman builds her own house with her own hands .Who can find a virtuous woman for her price is far more than rubies….. The practice of marrying many women forms altar sex spirits have the legal right to cause sexual problems with anyone born in that lineage.

Your Blood Line.
Your blood line is your family background, family tree, family name it contributes to your some of sexual problems just as your physical characteristics e.g. Black eyes , skin color, height etc. Are inherited some your sexual problems are also transferred via your blood line. Sexual spirits e.g. having children out of wedlock promiscuity begin to police everyone born in that lineage. You can investigate your family tree pray for healing and release from any sexual general curses.

Rape and Child Molestation.
Of course it is not the victim fault; the man woman or child did not do anything wrong and are naturally under no condemnation. Nevertheless it gives a platform for oppression, evil sexual spirits, emotional trauma and sexual perversion. This creates a doorway in your life and creates an argument against your sexual life when angels of deliverance try to bring healing they stop them cause they have legal rights .Sexual abuse may destroy one’s life please I urge seek help healing and prayer.

These are evil demonic internal visitors that oppress  posses and control ones sexual organs.

Frog Spirit.
This spirit mainly oppresses men it has an intense deep passionate sexual desire. When it comes to sex they will attempt to have sex with anything that has a skirt. They are always willing and able to have sex any time and are rough. They can have multiple partners in a day after gratification they easily forget the experience and will still crave to have sex with their wives in the evening. Any woman who sleeps with this man with the exception of the wife her godly spiritual domain will start to decay and will reflect in the natural realm with the loss of her God given blessings.

Snake Spirit.
This spirit affects women it is the opposite of the frog spirit that is exposed and loud it is quite and private. It silently slithering and sliding almost goes unnoticed it does not raise suspicion it is almost invisible .This is very intelligent it does not get caught. For example a woman can be having an affair with her boss and still be a good friend to the wife and never raise any suspicion. Or be having an affair with her husband’s friend or with the gardener the driver and never raise any suspicion this can go on for a very long time. It is like she has a demonic wisdom she can close the eyes of the husband and manage the situation very well.

Cat Spirit.
This spirit mainly operates mainly with women of substance affluence, cultured, refined and educated .It is dignified it tolerates being alone. When she is satisfied she is perfectly happy rule her domain .Occasionally she will engage with men but it is limited even if she gets a husband she will focus on her career and wealth more than the man. Eventually the man will keep a submissive woman on the side and lavish the mistress with wife’s money.

Dog Spirit.
This spirit is mainly affects men .It is social unlike the cat spirit .It likes multiple sexual partners it cannot commit to one sexual partner. They are promiscuous when it comes to sex but selective unlike the frog spirit that is attracted to any partner .They are unable to stick to one partner the rest of their lives. The dog spirit treats its sexual partners like sexual object they do not care about them.


Get born again if a man is in Christ he is a new creation the old is gone.

Cleanse your mind with the Word of God.

Let the Word of God dwell richly in mind and heart. It will enable you to break the negative soul ties

Cleanse your environment remove pornographic material stop relating with former  sexual partners.

Love God seriously and sincerely if you love God you will obey him.
Seek deliverance and  accountability from a pastor pr mature christian

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