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Initial Days

After coming back from US (Was working as Java Project Manager ) in 2008 i was planning to go back to US. But In 2008 August God gave me a calling of Ezra , within 15 days he anointed me with anointing of prophet.

I told God i cannot do any ministry as i didn’t even remember verses and i will do ministry only if you do signs and wonders through me .

In 2013 November God blessed me with Knowledge and Wisdom and Understanding of his Kingdom Principles, Powers, Principalities, Ancestral Curses and since the

In 2014 April God anointed me with anointing of Moses and made me start Facebook Ministry named as Tabernacle of Congregation Global Ministry.

Since i was still doing business I said God you bring people to me as i cant go out to do ministry and as i started writing articles on facebook about various ancestral curses and about spiritual warfare, powers, principality , maritial issues people started coming to me through facebook.

God brought people i gave them prayers to prayer and they prayed to God and thats how our ministry started. God giving testimonies to people i would speak for hrs with people counseling them and teaching them how to do warfare, how to pray.

In 2015 May God Blessed me with Anointing of Paul



  • To Preach Gospel of Repentance .
  • To Lead people out of bondage.
  • To Teach How to Pray and Seek God and his righteousness and prepare the bride for the coming King Jesus  .
  • To Equip, Empower people with Knowledge of Deliverance and Warfare.
  • To Raise Leaders.
  • To Plant Churches,Admonish Churches, stir Apostlic Movement all across the world.
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