How to save your marriage / How to get married and avoid divorce?

1. Lord Jesus I walk back upto Adam and Eve of my fathers blood line and my mothers blood line and i repent and renounce and ask for forgiveness of any sins through which spiritual spouse has come into my life and is troubling my marriage / delaying marriage/ hindering marriage in Jesus name.

2. I pour the blood of Jesus at the root through which spiritual spouse came into my life in Jesus name.

3. Lord Jesus send your fire into my roots and burn alll spiritual spouse in Jesus name.

4. Any strongman putting spiritual blanket over my spiritual eyes catch fire and burn to ashes in Jesus name.

5. All those who trouble my Isreal the Lord trouble you in Jesus name.

6. Holy Spirit open my Spiritual Eyes in Jesus name.

7. All the powers that are trying to enforce bondage in my life due to my prayers i send holy Ghost fire upon you burn to ashes in Jesus name.


Repeat this prayers till the time u get delivered from your marriage.

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