How to know that you are possessed


This is the most obvious clue when someone’s been invaded so to speak. You see it in the eyes, the mirrors of the soul. It can happen in a millisecond. The pupils will dilate as if the victim has taken hallucinogens.

Common Traits of Demonic Possession:

Please be aware: some of these symptoms are associated with victims of ritual abuse, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder & Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, and many other mental illnesses. Many issues such as self injury or sudden changes in temperamant may also be linked to adverse reactions to medications. You will have to use discernment and educate yourself regarding these mental health issues and familiarize yourself with the history of the victim you are investigating.


  • sudden dilation of pupils
  • unnatural change to features or body language
  • abnormal changes to voice
  • sudden changes to vocabulary such as becoming abnormally profane or abusive
  • impromptu urge to abuse alcohol or do drugs when you normally don’t do this
  • aberrant craving for raw meat & or blood
  • new deviant compulsions to be hyper-sexual or to savage others sexually
  • strong desire to cut or hit yourself
  • sudden urges to hurt people and animals for no reason
  • abnormal changes in personal hygiene {a normally clean person suddenly becoming filthy and putrid}
  • changes in normal routines : sleeping all day suddenly or complete lack of appetite, or sudden onset of gluttony
  • severe constipation {I am totally serious about this, ‘they’ can make your colon septic and kill you this way. I personally know several people who were unable to have a bowel movement for 3 weeks during demonic attacks and very nearly died from it.}
  • aversion or hatred when speaking about God or other Biblical subject matter
  • usually a possessed person will be repulsed by holy water and a crucifix, but if they are controlled by a Diabolical {fallen angel not demon} it may not phase them
  • no response to medications


{As a side note some of these symptoms are also connected to serious illnesses, but not all. Please don’t misunderstand me and think I’m totally medieval about mental health issues. If you observe someone who has been taken over vs. someone who is diagnosed as schizophrenic or suffering from drug induced psychosis, they may appear to be frighteningly similar to possession.

{I will post soon on theories about this. About how many diagnosed as schizophrenic are actually under demonic oppression and blatant demonic attacks.}


A word or two from Rebecca – Occult Specialist of SIS

Growing up in a heretical “religion” like [Jehovah’s Witness’s] {that denies the divinity of Christ}, my family and I had no protection from God/Christ.  Being a sensitive without any protection as a child I was being oppressed and in various stages of possession very often, they made me do things that were completely out of my control and that haunt me to this day. It was like being trapped in a body that was out of control, I was powerless to stop myself.  Then later as an adult when I foolishly began to practice Voodoo of all things I began to have issues with possession on a regular basis.

I stupidly embarked on this journey because I was desperate to overcome my fear of the world of the dead, and the “spirits” I was so often bothered by. So I thought that if I faced my fears and learned how to commune with them I would no longer be afraid of the preternatural and ghostly encounters I regularly had. WRONG!

As a young adult I discovered I could experience possession when I was dancing at clubs. I would enter an altered state of mind while dancing to music and I distinctly remember something outside of my self pushing against my mind. A Subtle demand to take the wheel. At the time I mistakenly thought these spirits were the spirits of the dead [human dead], Baron Samedi and such. The Ghedes. So I gave over permission to them, and the havoc that ensued in my private life led to complete and utter desolation. I betrayed and was betrayed by everyone during this period. My entire life had been taken over and destroyed by these things.

Why? Because I gave them permission!

That is what they must have from you. It does not have to be deliberate, any action that opens that gate, it can be as simple as using a pendulum, or drinking and drug use will do it. Even bringing home an item with a preternatural attachment to it.  They don’t need you to openly declare “I give you permission enter my home!” just an act such as partaking in a ritual like smudging [or nature worship] will do. [more on smudging/nature worship here.]

Basically a demon can wear us like a suit if we do not have protection. We are empty cars with the keys in the ignition just waiting to be driven, and driven hard. Remember the movie “Fallen” 1998 with Denzel Washington. Remember how the demon moved from human to human. That’s a pretty accurate depiction of how easy it is for them to inhabit us. Easy if we are not protected.  We do not have the power to protect ourselves we must seek that protection from outside ourselves.

“How can we protect ourselves from something we cannot see?” you might ask. Hmmm, has anyone guessed yet?…. Holy Spirit. Yeah , I know some of you are saying “What, oh this again! I’m sick of people preaching about God!” But that’s it, it’s really rather simple, no special relics to obtain, no magic herbs to buy, no blessings from reclusive anointed mountaintop shamans to seek out. Just good old fashioned prayer is your best protection. Merely a thought between you and God is enough to change your life.

“But I burned sage, isn’t that enough?” Well, you know, no it isn’t. It may work for some people and that’s only because “They” and this is a Huge “They”, [the true evil in this world] prefers that “We” [all of us] never learn that God is the be all and end all solution to these issues. So for a while burning sage and lighting that white candle that you buried in your backyard may work…. For a while.

But they will always be watching and waiting for that indiscretion on your part that gives over permission to some otherworldly essence that is oh so willing to take charge.

Possession is easy, anyone can do it!

Giving away responsibility for yourself even for a moment is tantamount to russian roulette. Being curious and playing with a pendulum, a Ouija board, spirit photography or “ghosthunting”, which is [necromancy] , is all it takes to get their cloven hoof in the door.

Permission is what they need.  By hook or by crook they will get it. It is often on accident, bringing home an item that has an “attachment” with it. Even playing childhood games like “light as a feather stiff as a board” or “Bloody Mary”, will open gates that allow entities to wreak havoc in your families lives.

They will masquerade as the lonely ghost of the little boy who died in 1852 or dear old Papa who has recently passed to the other side and just wants to tell you he is doing good. Don’t get me wrong, I have lost loved ones. I am not mocking the pain of losing someone and going out of your mind from grief or being desperate just to feel them near one more time.

I mean think about it, we are talking about entities that have been around for thousands and thousands of years and are not hindered by three dimensional reality as we are. So gathering some recon about you, your weaknesses and hidden desires or the nickname your dead Daddy had for you as a child is not a problem. They are intelligent, their acumen and resourcefulness is second to none. They are cunning, creative and ruthless. They will pull on your heart strings and cause you to feel such sadness for them, they want you to empathize.

They want your pity, to open your heart to them.  In the end, they want your soul.

This is an all out war. They want to take you down with them into darkness and separate you from God at all costs, after all “They” have nothing to lose.

If you do not understand that we are the prize being fought over in this war, then you have much larger problems than I can help you with.

Rebecca [Occult Specialist of S.I.S.]


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